iPad Productivity: Research Project Examples for Late Elementary and Middle School

Tech Talk 2012

Chicago Public Schools Information and Technology Services
Roosevelt High School
January 27, 2012
Tech Talk Webpage http://cpstechtalk.blogspot.com/
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Fran Feeley, Inter-American School fafeeley@cps.edu

Inter-American School Library Website http://iamslibrary.wikispaces.com/

5th grade Aztec Project page http://iamslibrary.wikispaces.com/5th+grade+Aztec+unit
6th grade Names Project page http://iamslibrary.wikispaces.com/NamesProject

Feeley PowerPoint

PowerPoint for downloading or viewing.

Julie Hunefeld, Namaste School jhunefeld@namastecharterschool.org

Namaste School Library Website http://namastelibrary.wikispaces.com/

Hunefeld documents

Creating Voicethreads

Research Model for Planning

Collaborative Planning Organizer

5th Grade Human Body Report Rubric - English

5th Grade Human Body Report Rubric - Spanish